Welcome, October!

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers” – Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne Of Green Gables.

October quote

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This month has always held so much wonder and promise for me.  Most kids look forward to Halloween and I was not any different.  And when I was older I remember getting lost in the beautiful changing colors of the leaves as I walked home from school after sports practice or a club meeting.  And because it would start to get dark early I would also get to see even more pretty vibrant colors in the sky as the sun went down.


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With each step I took all I could hear was the sound of the fallen leaves as they crunched under my feet.  As I passed by the houses on each block I walked down I could see people inside as they turned their inside lights on while the smell of wood burning fireplaces filled the cool refreshing autumn air that caressed my face.  Every one of my senses was completely enveloped by all the season had to offer.  And I loved every second of it.


(Born To Run cover photo by Eric Meola.)

October was the month I bought Born To Run & became part of Bruce Springsteen’s world.  It was the month I learned how to decorate for Halloween first with my mother when I was a child  and later on my own.  It was the month I looked forward to the night my dad would bring home a big orange pumpkin & watch him first draw then carve a big smiling face on it.  And the sweet aroma of it warming from the candle he would place inside of it is something I find unbelievably nostalgic as I carry on that tradition in my own home each year.

carved pumpkin

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October is the month that took me to Vermont for the first time after years of putting it off.   It introduced me to so many wonderful things including green pumpkins, rustic & elegant antiques & junk stores, white gourds & goat’s milk everything.  It remains the best trip of my life.  And I swoon over each one of my cozy sweaters & blankets as I pull them out of their storage containers each year.  The first time I put the heat on in my home & in my car is when I know the month is in full swing & suddenly all is right in my world.


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This glorious month has taken on other meanings over the years, some very good & others incredibly sad.  But no other month of the year brings back the amount of happy memories as this one does.  And no other month holds the same promise for more magic to occur.  Wishing you all the happiest October of your lives!

Stay well.


Welcome To The Season Of “Ber” Months


October photo image

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“The trees are in their autumn beauty,
The woodland paths are dry,
Under the October twilight the water
Mirrors a still sky.”   William Butler Yates

It is finally October.   Hallelujah.  I feel this way every year after surviving another summer of triple H weather (hazy, hot & humid).  It’s not just the cool weather I embrace.  It’s all the fairs this time of year, the activities like apple and pumpkin picking and Halloween.  I may not trick-or-treat anymore, but I still watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” and hope he gets more than a rock.  It’s also a great time for decorating, cooking and baking.

What are some of your favorite ways to welcome October and the coziness of fall?

The weather here in New England has cooled off considerably during the overnights, but a lot of the days still have temperatures between 75-80 degrees.  Even though the leaves have started to change and pumpkin patch signs are everywhere I turn, I still need a push to welcome fall.  And what better push than music.   Enjoy.

Eric Clapton:  “Autumn Leaves” (2010, written by Joseph Kosma, Johnny Mercer & Jacques Prevert).

“I’m So Glad I Live In A World Where There Are Octobers…..”

Do you spend this entire month quoting that wonderful line from “Anne of Green Gables” like I do?  🙂

Happy October, Vixens!!!  Thirty-one days to enjoy this glorious time of the season!!!  Fall finally feels official although it is still quite warm here on the east coast.  The most wonderful month of the year is here!!!


I have broken out-rather, unpacked-my slow cooker in anticipation of the comfort foods it will hold this season:  soups, roasts, hot apple cider and my favorite, baked apples.  Thanks to Pinterest, I have several pumpkin bread recipes I want to try out, in addition to baking the pie of the season-apple.  Candy corn, apple cider donuts and hot chocolate are now my go to snacks whenever my sweet tooth gets a craving.  My sweaters, ankle boots and warm socks are all clean and ready to wear.  I am ready for the season-almost.

Where I am stuck is in my decorating.  I usually have a very natural approach this time of year thanks to the bounty of nature.  But the leaves have not started changing yet due to the warm climate, and the white pumpkins and gourds are in rare supply for now.  I try not to buy too many fake ones because one, I prefer the real ones and two, I would rather not store any more items than I have to.  But I do have a few ceramic ones.


I am still figuring out my new place as this is the first time I am decorating it for a season.  I realized I have more orange pumpkins (fabric & ceramic) than I thought, and I really like them despite my desire for a neutral palette.  However, I have more pink than I expected thanks to a small trunk I am now using as a coffee table & a pink wash bin that I am turning into a buffet for my dining area.  I guess it is the pink and orange I am having a problem with.


So as I still figure that out and where to pepper in the Halloween decorations as well, here are a few pictures of the progress I have made so far.  If we are spared the remnants of  Hurricane Joaquin (great name, right?!) this weekend, I will be hitting some local farm stands and pumpkin farms to start this month off right!!!

Until next time, fellow Vixens, happy digging & happy October!!!