Warehouse & Store Sales Around Town

I have to confess my weekends have slipped away from me this summer.  As much as I love estate & garage sales, I have not indulged as much as I wanted.  Between work, fixing up my apartment, social engagements and catching up on sleep, I just have not had the time or energy to hit any sales  (However, I do overindulge in the fall, so stay tuned!!!).

That all changed when I read about two sales within a few miles from my apartment.  The first one was a warehouse sale held by some pickers looking to make room for some new finds.

They had some great things for a vintage kitchen like this stove…


…and this old fridge which I absolutely LOVED!!!


It was sooooo clean inside…


…plus it had a butter dish in the door!!!  I WILL own one of these some day in the vintage kitchen I will create in my next house!!!


And imagine these in a 50’s style diner inspired kitchen!!!



My finds:  A handful of DVD’s, a plug-in insect repeller & a side table I plan on using as a nightstand.


Then I headed over to a vintage store that I have been driving by FOR ALMOST ONE YEAR WITHOUT REALIZING WHAT IT WAS (I am really worried about myself LOL) called Deep End of the Sandbox (https://www.facebook.com/DeepEndOfTheSandbox).


They were also having a clean out sale.


This store is quaint, adorable and stylish.


My find:  a vintage suitcase.  I find these at practically every sale I go to but I never bought one before.  This one called my name because of its neutral colors.


 Now I cannot prove this, but perhaps Elvis Presley owned this once……..look at the initials!!! (LOL)


Until next time fellow vixens, happy digging!!!




O Captain! My Captain!

robin williams

Photo courtesy of insomniacmania.com.

“All the restless hearts of the world, all trying to find a way home….how small you can feel and how far away home can be…….And the storm? The storm was all in my mind or as the poet Dante put it, ‘In the middle of the journey of my life I found myself in the dark wood for I had lost the right path’.” Patch Adams, 1998.

The loss of Robin Williams is beyond sad. There are no words. My heart aches for his children.

Dear Mr. Keating

Photo courtesy of The Wrap.com.

My heart is so sad today. I loved and adored this man for years as Carl Hutchins on “Another World”. Any fan of that show knows how wonderful the pairing between he and Victoria Wyndham (Rachel Cory) was. They were that show’s “Luke & Laura” except they did it without the crazy storylines, Newsweek covers or Elizabeth Taylor as a guest star. It was pure unadulterated acting that was, in a word, phenomenal.

And that acting won Keating an Emmy in 1996. I remember that night vividly: I was home watching the awards, and when they called his name, I stood and applauded. No one deserved to win more than this man. With all due respect to Tony Geary, Keating was the greatest soap actor EVER, and he did it quietly, eloquently and effortlessly.

His character quoted so many poems I feel my love for poetry traces directly back to his character and that soap, which I still miss every day even though it has been 15 years since my Bay City family left the air.

Now, all I can think of is a line he recited on “AW” which was borrowed from “King Lear”: “All is Cheerless, Dark and Deadly”.

Rest in peace, dear Mr. Keating.


Photo courtesy of Variety.com.