“You say you want to start something new…..”

Yusuf Islam, the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens, was another 2014 inductee into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Seeing him perform three of his classics-“Father and Son”, “Wild World” & “Peace Train”, was worth the price of admission.

After his abrupt departure from the music world, followed by some ridiculous misquotes by the press, it did not seem like I would ever have the opportunity to see this incredibly talented singer/songwriter perform live. The fact that I saw him at this show, with the Hall of Fame finally giving him his due, was too perfect for words.

Yusef is not the religious zealot the press made him out to be. In fact, the man who graciously accepted his induction from friend Art Garfunkel, was incredibly kind, humble, smart, eloquent and funny. And Yusef’s voice was and is as powerful and passionate as it ever was. The joy his music brought millions is a gift that I cannot get enough of.

The rumor is he is back in the studio working on a new album. And so this gifted musician begins another chapter in his incredible career. Welcome back, Yusef!!!


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