Let’s Take A Moment Day 80

Hi everyone.  Hope you are all well and continue to stay that way during this global health crisis we are facing.  But in addition to protecting your physical wellness, what are you doing to stay mentally healthy today?


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I know we are in a serious situation, but I need a break from the gloom, doom and bullying by way of hoarding. Music has always been my refuge and watching those beautiful Italians singing to each other from their balconies reaffirmed my belief that music is the answer. So until the old normal returns, I am going to share a song I listen to that helps me escape the current state of things, if only for a few minutes each day.  And if this helps anyone else, even better.

When the first Rock & Roll Hall of Fame class was inducted in 1986, several notable people speculated that eventually everyone would get in.  Not true.  While many of those inducted in the last few years have me shaking my head (Abba, really???) so does the absence of Bad Company.  They are an unbelievably great band and have one of the greatest lead singers to ever take center stage:  Paul Rodgers.

I fell head over heels in love with his magnificently powerful soulful voice the first time I heard him sing “All Right Now”, a monumental tune he co-wrote for his first band, Free.  But his years with the band he co-founded, Bad Co., solidified his reputation as a great singer-songwriter.  From “Can’t Get Enough”, “Simple Man”, “Running With The Pack”, “Feel Like Makin’ Love”, “Shooting Star” and so many others, Rodgers has penned many of the group’s biggest hits.  He also plays guitar, piano & keyboards.  Rodgers’ talent and the band’s musicianship are undeniable which helped them become a powerhouse group in the 1970’s.  Yet despite being eligible for induction into the HOF since 1999 (25 years after their debut album came out in 1974), Bad Co. has yet to be voted in.  And for the life of me I cannot understand why.  (The HOF has also snubbed Tina Turner, Warren Zevon, John Coltrane and Todd Rundgren.  But I digress).

Bad Co 3

Bad Company circa 1974 (L-R):  Boz Burrell, Mick Ralphs, Paul Rodgers & Simon Kirke. 
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Let’s not forget that Rodgers also had a five year stint touring with Queen beginning in 2004.  He was also in a band with Jimmy Page in the 1980’s (The Firm) and made tribute records to two of his musical heroes, Jimi Hendrix and Muddy Waters, the latter of which earned him a Grammy nomination.  Not to be overlooked, the other members of Bad Co. have great resumes as well:  guitarist and group co-founder Mick Ralphs, who has written or co-written many of the group’s songs (including “Can’t Get Enough” & “Feel Like Makin’ Love”), was once a member of Mott The Hoople (best known for “All The Young Dudes”) & has toured with David Gilmour; bassist & songwriter Boz Burrell, who was also a member of King Crimson and drummer & songwriter Simon Kirke, who was also in Free and toured with Ringo Starr’s All Starr Band.

I consider all of their albums my favorites for different reasons, but when you name one after a Jack Kerouac novel (1979’s “Desolation Angels”) I think it takes center stage (no pun intended).  And who doesn’t need a fantasy to escape to right now more than ever?


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Bad Company:  “Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy” (1979, written by Paul Rodgers).

I do not own the rights to anything.  I am just sharing what I love and how I am coping with you.

Stay well.

So Long, January!!!

Hello, Vixens!!!  How crazy is it that we arrived at the end of January so quickly?  What did you take away from the first month of the year?

I took in my new place surroundings and pondered my decorating scheme, which I have yet to act on LOL!!!  But I did get some great inspiration (thank you Kathleen at Faded Charm), explored some more local sights, got back into my groove of “estate saling” (although I have not had a chance to really dig for a treasure yet but I am hopeful it will happen soon!!!), figured out some shortcuts to a few of my regular places (work, grocery store, antiques stores) and decided I have to get out more despite all that I have to do at home.  So I got my library card, joined a church and a book club.  For our meeting next month, we are reading “Everything I Never Told You” by Celeste Ng.  Have any of you read this yet?


January also brought the first snowstorm of my CT residency.  To mark the occasion with more than just snow boots, I made home made chicken soup, which turned out pretty well for my first attempt at it.  I do not use salt at all due to its negative health benefits, so once I got the seasonings to a correct balance (pepper, oregano & basil), it was not bad if I do say so myself.  It was so hearty I did not even add noodles!!!


But most of all for me, January was an unbelievably sad month for the music industry.  Losing an icon like David Bowie was an incredible blow, and we will not see a visionary artist like him again in our lifetime.  For a career to span as many decades as his and encompass as many musical genres as his did only underscores that point.  He left us with a parting gift, “Black Star“*** which is as classic and bold as we remember Bowie to be.

But in the end he was also a beloved man who was taken from his wife and family way too soon, and that is the worst part of the story.  Hopefully 2016 will be the year we finally see cancer obliterated from our world.


Source:  YouTube (original source unknown)

Bowie’s loss was followed by those of Glenn Frey of the Eagles; R&B singers Otis Clay and Nicholas Caldwell, who was a member of the group, “The Whispers“; Rene Angelil, who brought us the voice of Celine DionPaul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane/Starship fame and one of his co-founders of Airplane, Signe Toly Anderson, who died on the same day.  What she and Kantner did in their band changed the landscape of music forever.  In the mid 1960’s, rock and roll bands were a boy’s only game:  The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Who, the Moody Blues, the list goes on and on.  But when Airplane was being formed, another co-founder Marty Balin along with Kantner, knew how important a female voice & presence was.  Anderson provided that until she left the band in 1966 to have a baby.  But the precedent was set and it was a vital turning point in rock and roll and music overall.  Think about who soon followed:  Janis Joplin, Grace Slick, Carole King, Deborah Harry, et al.  Thank God for Balin’s & Kantner’s vision.


Paul Kantner & Signe Toly Anderson, second and third from the left.  Source:  Tumbler (original source unknown).

And today marks what would have been the 70th birthday of Terry Kath, a founding member, guitarist, songwriter and vocalist for the band Chicago.  Kath was the unbelievably gorgeous voice behind classics such as “Colour My World” and “Make Me Smile“.  He was compared to Jimi Hendrix for his musical ability and to Ray Charles for his vocal style.  He died from an accidental gunshot infliction a week before his 32nd birthday in 1978.  He will be inducted posthumously into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame with the rest of Chicago at the induction ceremony in April.


Source:  premierguitar.com

But things are starting to turn around.  Reports are circulating that Paul Rodgers, who’s latest solo release*** includes fabulous covers of classic songs like “Walk On By” and “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long”, and Bad Company are working on a new record together, which I PRAY is true!!!  What a band!!!  Swoon!!!  But best of all Bruce Springsteen’s “The River” tour is in full swing to promote “The Ties That Bind:  The River Collection“***.  All is right in my world when the Boss is on the road and headed my way (next month in Hartford!!!)  Double swoon!!!

I do not own the rights to any of the music I am sharing with you, but the starred links*** are my affiliate links. I only share what I love and am grateful for the support 🙂

So, how was your first month of the year?

Until next time, fellow Vixens, happy digging!!!