25 Days Of Christmas Music 2022: Day 15

Hello, everyone. Welcome back to the countdown.

Day 15 2022

The sweet jolly man of the season on a vintage Christmas card image found on Pinterest. (Original source unknown.)

I listen to both of today’s songs all year long because that is what you do when you are a true Springsteen fan. I love this man & everything he has recorded, including the two Christmas tracks I am sharing with you here. He and I have a date next March and I am counting down the days. Merry Christmas, Bossman. See you in 2023.

Someone took Eric Meola’s iconic image used as the cover photo for Springsteen’s 1975 masterpiece, “Born to Run”, and gave it some Christmas cheer. (Image found online. Original source: Eric Meola.)

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band: “Santa Claus  Is Comin’ To Town” (1975, written by John Frederick Coots and Haven Gillespie).

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band: “Merry Christmas Baby” (1986, written by Lou Baxter and Johnny Moore).

What are some of your favorite Christmas songs?

Until next time, happy listening!!!


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