Warehouse & Store Sales Around Town

I have to confess my weekends have slipped away from me this summer.  As much as I love estate & garage sales, I have not indulged as much as I wanted.  Between work, fixing up my apartment, social engagements and catching up on sleep, I just have not had the time or energy to hit any sales  (However, I do overindulge in the fall, so stay tuned!!!).

That all changed when I read about two sales within a few miles from my apartment.  The first one was a warehouse sale held by some pickers looking to make room for some new finds.

They had some great things for a vintage kitchen like this stove…


…and this old fridge which I absolutely LOVED!!!


It was sooooo clean inside…


…plus it had a butter dish in the door!!!  I WILL own one of these some day in the vintage kitchen I will create in my next house!!!


And imagine these in a 50’s style diner inspired kitchen!!!



My finds:  A handful of DVD’s, a plug-in insect repeller & a side table I plan on using as a nightstand.


Then I headed over to a vintage store that I have been driving by FOR ALMOST ONE YEAR WITHOUT REALIZING WHAT IT WAS (I am really worried about myself LOL) called Deep End of the Sandbox (https://www.facebook.com/DeepEndOfTheSandbox).


They were also having a clean out sale.


This store is quaint, adorable and stylish.


My find:  a vintage suitcase.  I find these at practically every sale I go to but I never bought one before.  This one called my name because of its neutral colors.


 Now I cannot prove this, but perhaps Elvis Presley owned this once……..look at the initials!!! (LOL)


Until next time fellow vixens, happy digging!!!




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