Snowstorms & Spoons

Hi Vixens!!!  Well winter is in full swing here in NY (close to 3 feet of snow fell here earlier in the week) so I got to enjoy an adult snow day!!!  And what did I do with this precious gift of time, you ask?  I SLEPT!!!  Yes, that’s right.  I slept the entire day away.  (Did you miss the part earlier when I wrote we received close to 3 feet of snow???!!!)

I really love the snow, and the day before the big blizzard work closed early so I celebrated by taking a walk in the falling snow.  Don’t you just love how gentle flakes feel when they hit your face???!!!  Blizzards, however, are no fun to walk in.  Plus, I was starting to come down with a head cold (UGH!!!) so sleeping was the best use of my time that day.

Even if I do not sleep during a big snowstorm, I still like to spend the day under a cozy blanket fresh and warm from the dryer while watching reruns of “The Golden Girls” or old movies. I got into this habit when I was living in Massachusetts, and it seemed like we were getting hit with a snowstorm every weekend. I would prepare by buying my essentials and the ingredients to my homemade lamb stew, then made a big pot of it so it lasted me the whole week. I’d get under the covers while it cooked and reveled in the wonderful way my apartment smelled!!! Those were some of my fondest memories of my winters in MA!!!

But I digress…back to now. The weekend before the squall I hit an estate sale that I stumbled upon while I was doing my usual storm prep (no, not milk and bread but more essential fare:  Diet Lemon Snapple and magazines.  Oh, and ice melt.) I found a GORGEOUS set of silver iced tea spoons. They seemed to be waiting for me as they were even bundled together in a giant gold bow!!!


I might have forgotten to share that I collect these since they are a recent addition to my acquisitions. I started looking for them once I noticed how pretty they are with their intricate designs and details. Look at the lovely design on the handle.


Plus, theses spoons are still useful for what they were originally made for-serving ice cream sundaes and sodas-and they do not take up a lot of room to store or display, even in a studio apartment. I placed mine in my mother’s large dessert cups.


What do you collect?

Till next time, fellow Vixens, happy digging!!!