It’s A Wonderful House

I know it is almost Easter, but I have been thinking a lot about a Christmas movie lately:  “It’s A Wonderful Life“***.   The one scene in particular I replay over and over in my  head is the one where George and Mary are walking home from the dance and they throw rocks in the window of the old house that Mary wishes will become her home to share with George one day in the future.

On my recent travels, I drove passed a house that I dream of owning.  It’s old, not in the best of shape, and I am not even sure if it has been occupied recently as there are never any people or cars around it.  The house sits on about an acre of land with a beautiful lake behind it.

This is the front street view of the house.  Please forgive the quality of the pictures as I was using my iPhone.  My SLR camera is not working at all.


And this is the side view.IMG_0619[1]

I am in love with this house.  I love the wrap around porch, the charm it exudes and all the beautiful trees on the property.  I have yet to see the inside, but I imagine there are fireplaces in every room, more than one bathroom featuring a claw foot tub and a kitchen right out of the 1940’s or 1950’s.  Sa-woon.

Of course, none of that may be true, but since the outside still retains its charm, I am hopeful that the inside loveliness has been preserved as well.  I will be crushed it it turns out the kitchen contains 1970’s Formica or that the living room has bright orange shag carpeting, but for now I will hold onto my dreams.

When I picture my life in the future, I see myself living in a home like this, one that my future husband & I have lovingly restored and now live in with our two pugs, Starsky & Hutch.  We plant a vegetable garden, some lilac and hydrangeas bushes and perhaps get a few chickens so we can have fresh eggs every day.  We host lavish clam bakes in the summer & cozy Christmas Eve dinners every December with our guests helping us trim our 10 foot tree while we drink eggnog and watch “A Charlie Brown Christmas“*** over and over until it is time to eat.  I have had this dream forever.

This is the view as I drove down the drive way towards the side entrance.




But now that dream is not so easy to have.  Ever since I sold my small house (which was only 811 square feet) and downsized to a studio half that size, I have come to really appreciate living smaller rather than larger.  I know I am not alone, as the tiny house movement has become a real cause and purpose for many people looking to live a more minimalistic life.  I made the choice to live smaller simply because I realized I was basically living in only one room of my house-the bedroom-so I did not see the sense in spending money on a multiple room apartment or paying to furnish those rooms when I was very content having everything I needed in one room.

I want a simple life.  Someone to love, a couple of dogs to rescue, several road trips throughout the year and a freedom from not having any house maintenance work to worry about.  But then I picture life in that big old house, and as idyllic as it seems, I get bogged down in the guilt of the amount of energy a house that size uses, or the carbon footprint it has on the environment, or the fact that two people and two dogs really do not need a house that big. And I love road trips and spending the weekends going to estate sales, antiques stores and flea markets. Houses of any size require regular maintenance, and an old big house requires that much more.  We may need a place to live, but it does not have to be such a big place.  Sometimes I hate having a conscience!!!

The views from the back of the property.  How great would it be to look out on a lake every day???



Do any of you get bogged down in that kind of thinking?  Or do you just push forward to make your dreams come true? I would really love to know.

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I hope all of you who celebrate the holiday have a very happy Easter!!!

Until next time, fellow Vixens, happy digging!!!

The Ides Of Michele

Hi, Vixens!!!  Doesn’t this whole “lose an hour to spring forward” thing kind of make you feel like you lost more than just 60 minutes???  I cannot wait another 7 months to get it back.  I want it NOW   😦

We are six days away from the first official day of Spring but it already feels like the season has arrived thanks to last week’s mid-50’s temperatures here on the east coast-and this week promises more of the same.  I know the majority of people prefer the spring and summer months so much that they actually suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) waiting for the warmer weather to arrive.  But this is my time of year to be sad.



I get that some people have had it worse than me this time of year-Julius Caesar, for one, comes to mind.  But I prefer the fall to winter months, and let’s face it, we really did not have much of a winter this year.  It was not just the lack of snow, but except for a handful of days, it was a very mild season.

But this season’s holidays-Easter, Mother’s Day & Father’s Day, not to mention the birthdays of my grandmother and father plus my parent’s anniversary-and I need a morphine drip to get through the whole season.  Then come the hazy, hot & humid days of summer and I spend almost every waking hour in air conditioning.  I wish I was a bear so I could hibernate for these two seasons.  There is nothing to decorate for and even my magazines do not help as they are all chock full of “how to enjoy every second of the summer” articles.  Ugh.

Of course, there are some things I look forward to:  deliciously fragrant lilacs, paid days off (Memorial Day & Fourth of July),  fireworks, outdoor concerts and, of course, garage sales.  But other than that I would rather sleep through the next six months.


So this weekend as I nursed a fever and felt sorry for myself for being sick, I thought about ways I could make the next six months easier to tolerate.

Despite the fact that I have a black thumb, I am going to try to grow something if it kills me.  I will try a tomato plant, a basil plant & a cilantro plant in containers outside my apartment.  Maybe I will be successful since the plants will be outside in the sun as opposed to inside my dark 60 degree apartment.

I also want to up my baking game.  Every year I promise myself I will make Christmas cookies but I never do.  I also want to learn to make my own pie crust.  What better time to experiment than in the summer when the house will be nice & cool thanks to the A/C?  I will start honing my baking skills with this beautiful Speckled Malted Coconut Cake courtesy of Country Living that I want to bring to my book club’s luncheon coming up next month.  You can find the recipe here.

Country Living coconut cake

Source:  Country Living Magazine. 

So that is my plan so far.  I hope it works.  If not, it will be a long six months.

On a completely random note, I stumbled upon these adorable Lady Bug golf ball crafts online.  Too cute for words, don’t you think???


Source:  EverythingOrganized.Org

Hope you all have a great week.

Until next time, fellow Vixens, happy digging!!!

Road Trip-Connecticut, Take Two: Memorial Day Weekend-Sunday

During my trip, I came across a place to eat called Skooter’s.  The name alone made me want to try it.  Although spelled differently, it conjured up visions of Springsteen’s “Tenth Avenue Freeze Out”
(“…when Scooter and the Big Man bust this city in half…”).SONY DSC
I stopped in Saturday night for a quick snack (I am a sucker for pie) and instantly fell in love with the 50’s feel of the place (including the gorgeous juke box).


The friendly waitress told me their breakfast was really good, so I decided to forgo the dry piece of toast offered as a continental breakfast at my hotel and treated myself to a hearty start to my day.

Never mind how delicious the eggs, bacon and home fries were (and they were scrumptious!!!) could anyone NOT enjoy a meal with Sam Cooke ("Bring It On Home To Me") and Elvis ("Jailhouse Rock") playing in the background???

Never mind how delicious the eggs, bacon and home fries were (and they were scrumptious!!!)…….how could anyone NOT enjoy a meal with Sam Cooke (“Bring It On Home To Me” and Elvis (“Jailhouse Rock”) playing in the background???

After breakfast, I drove to Old Lyme. On my way, I stopped for a picture of the water:


Next stop: Treasures (


Treasures is a little bit of everything: old, new, furniture, housewares, clothes and accessories.

This hutch is new, but I love the color and its aged look.

This hutch is new, but I love the color and its aged look.

Love the robin's egg blue color of this dish set!!!

Love the robin’s egg blue color of this dish set!!!

I think these chairs would look great inside in a living room or outside on a porch or deck!!!

I think these chairs would look great inside in a living room or outside on a porch or deck!!!

I thought this set of demitasse cups was sooo pretty!!!

I thought this set of demitasse cups was sooo pretty!!!

My finds at Treasures:  Six Ironstone dessert plates.  They were 20% off so they cost me less than $15.00!!!

My finds at Treasures: Six Ironstone dessert plates. They were 20% off so they cost me less than $15.00!!!

After shopping, I did some exploring in Old Lyme. The town has its own cemetery, and I must admit I think cemeteries are beautiful, especially old ones. The detail of the headstones, the trees and surrounding landscape plus the serenity are what I find quite stunning.



I loved the old fashioned water pump in the cemetery.


Old Lyme is on the water, so I could not miss the opportunity to get another picture of it on such a pretty day!!!


And everywhere I went, from the cemetery to the water, I was greeted by my favorite flowers: lilacs.



I could not help but pick one to put in my car.


After that, I saw a sign for a barn sale. It did not actually take place in a barn, but I stopped anyway.


Here’s a word I don’t see at too many sales in NY: FREE!!! (lol)


My finds from the sale: Three stainless steel cabinet door storage bins for $8.00!!!


After the sale & the sightseeing I was a little hungry, so I stopped for some homemade ice cream


The toasted coconut was so yummy!!!


Then it was on to the Florence Griswold Museum (


There is a separate building used as a gallery behind the Griswold house which had beautiful art, but my favorite piece was in the historic house. I never saw an oil painting in black and white. Simply stunning!!! Thank you, Robert C. Minor!!!



I also adored the look of Ms. Griswold’s bedroom. Someday I want a house with a fireplace in my bedroom!!!


Happy digging fellow vixens!!!