25 Days Of Christmas Music 2019: Day 25

Welcome back to the countdown!!!

Merry Christmas, Everyone!!!  Buon Natale!!!  Joy to the world & peace on earth to all!!!

day 25

Found on Pinterest (original source unknown).  

I hope you all have a safe, happy & meaningful Christmas, however you choose to celebrate.  Thank you for joining me for the countdown again this year.  It’s always fun for me to find original seasonal music and new versions of classic holiday songs I hope you will enjoy.

For today’s pick, I believe there is only one that expresses the meaning and spirit of this day.  As for the singer, he began his career in gospel music before using his rich bass baritone voice to sing in almost every other genre, most notably country.  Many of his songs focused on trials and redemption, the latter of which is part of what we celebrate on this special day.

Johnny Cash.jpg

Johnny Cash:  “Joy To The World” (1980, written by Lowell Mason & Isaac Watts in 1719).

I do not own the rights to anything.  I am just sharing some things that I love with you  🙂

What are some of your favorite Christmas songs?

Until next time, happy listening!!!


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