Road Trip: The Carolinas

Hi Vixens!!!  I spent a week in February in the Carolinas visiting my brother and two of my cousins.  The week before I went they had weather in the mid 50’s.  I got there and realized the northeast weather followed me down south!!!  Almost every day (and night) was single digit temperatures!!!  Say it with me:  UGH!!!

Aside from the frigid weather, it was great to get away and visit with family-and do some antiquing, of course!!!

On my trip down, I stopped at the Factory Antique Mall in Verona, VA.


I saw some great vintage items that I had as a kid like…

Barbie’s camper (I LOVED playing with this….):




And this sweet little suitcase that screams the 70’s:


And some Peanuts items (I still have the thermos, the other two items were after my time):




And my favorite gum in the world (and the best comics after the Peanuts):


This reminded me of when I would go to the beauty parlor with my mom or my grandma (so retro!!!):


And I love to look at classic vinyl:



There were some great items I would love to own and repurpose some day like this vintage Maytag clothes washer (look at the rust…sa-woon!!!):


Or this Coke cooler which would make a great kitchen island or buffet:


I would love one of these for blankets someday:


And who does not find little shoes irresistible!!!:


They were some great old toys, too (one of my brothers had a similar fire engine!!!):




And there is always a creepy one……..:


And at least one whole booth dedicated to Fiestaware:



And a sign I LOVED but have absolutely no place for it:


On the way home I drove right into a snow storm in Virginia:


But thanks to the folks at the Howard Johnson’s  in Lexington, VA I had a warm place to wait out the storm.  This was the view from my room:



The next day it was clear as a bell:


Before I got on the road, I stopped at my favorite on-the-road place for breakfast (or any meal, for that matter):  Cracker Barrel!!!


The hostess always sit me as close to the fire as possible without me having to ask-just one of the many reasons why I love this chain so much:



And even though it was before noon, I indulged in the best diet root beer I ever had:


And fell in love with an old print ad (sorry for the blurriness but the angle was bad and I did not want to bother the people at the next table):


And ate a delicious breakfast:


All in all, it was a great trip as usual!!!

Until next time, fellow Vixens, happy digging!!!

Music Road Trip: Yusuf/Cat Stevens Concert: Upper Darby, Pennsylvania

Hi there, Vixens!!!  2014 has had several high points for me (starting this blog being one of them), and two of the highest points were getting to see Yusuf/Cat Stevens live TWICE!!!

The first time was in April at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony (he was one of the inductees who performed-read about that here) and the second time was Thursday night (12/4/14) at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania.

Tower marquee

Photos and videos were not permitted so I do not have any to show you, but I can share that Yusuf gave an unbelievably great performance.  My favorite moment of the night was when he sang “Trouble” from the “Harold & Maude” soundtrack.  And when he sang his cover of Sam Cooke’s “Another Saturday Night” he advised the audience he changed the lyrics to reflect his search for a job, not a woman, out of respect for his wife.  What a sweetheart!!!

The first single from his new release was another highlight.  If you have not heard it-Yusuf’s stunning version of the Edgar Winter song, “Dying to Live”, listen to it here.

I can also share with you one of my all time favorite stops whenever I am on the road:  a meal at a Cracker Barrel Restaurant.  I discovered this delightful chain of comfort food, old time candy with antiques on display when I took my first trip to Vermont nearly a decade ago, and I have adored it ever since.  The food is always good, the service is always exceptional and the charming ambiance cannot be beat!!!  (These are my personal opinions from my own experiences.  I am not a paid sponsor),

On my way home to NY the day after the concert I stopped at the one in Mount Laurel, NJ during lunch time & had one of my two favorite meals there:  breakfast.


No one makes pancakes like Cracker Barrel, in my humble opinion!!!  Delectable!!!  And I was lucky enough to get a table right near the fire, which was perfect on a cold, rainy December day!!!


How cozy!!!


After I ate, I took a tour of the beautiful holiday decorations throughout the store:


One of my weaknesses is for snowmen!!!  What a great idea to use the top of one on the tree!!!


These bobble heads are sooo sweet!!!


One of several gorgeous trees on display!!!


What a pretty (and big!!!) snowflake!!!  I think this would look just as pretty hanging from a ribbon in front of an inside window!!!


Sooo adorable!!!  Love the glittery vest and pink chubby cheeks!!!!  Has a retro feel to him….reminds me of ones I saw in the front yards of homes in my neighborhood where I grew up!!!)


I wish I had a little baby in my life who I could buy these booties for!!!


I did not buy anything this year, but I bought this cookie jar last year (my other weakness is for gingerbread people!!!).  I was lucky to get it after Christmas so it was 50% off!!!  Steal!!!


Until next time, fellow Vixens, happy digging!!!